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Insert a description of the image here.The Ideas of March is an annual technology competition which provides opportunities to students and professionals to design, develop, demonstrate and learn innovative mobile applications using Android technology. While there will be opportunities to try new technology and learn new features, teams of students and software professionals will produce a real, working prototype application in return for meals and a chance for fame and fortune . The event kicks off the on Friday before spring break (mid-March) with ideas proposed by Monterey Bay organizations. Teams come together to choose an idea and have the rest of the weekend to build a working prototype application. Teams will then present their work to the public on the Sunday afternoon of that weekend and winners will be chosen.

Past Events:
Ideas of March 2014
March 14-16, 2014

Best Overall App: Newwaverunner Productiosn
Best Technical Merit: The Wine Experience
Community Impact: AutisTech

Watch the app presentations as a playlist on youtube!

For more information and to register, visit The Ideas of March website.


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