The Institute offers entrepreneurship training and technical assistance for students and aspiring entrepreneurs in the community. We collaborate closely with the university’s Small Business Development Center (SBDC), the Central Coast SBDC and other resources such as SCORE in offering a range of training and technical assistance options.

Entrepreneurship Training:

Under development. Stay tuned for more information
Entrepreneurs starting a new venture face tremendous uncertainty and complexity. Successfully commercializing a new venture requires a mastery of idea development skills and tools. Not having such skills can lead to missed opportunities, uninformed decisions, and/or unprofitable ventures. Previously, these skills could only be learned through starting a venture and learning by doing.

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Technical Assistance (Proof of Concept Center)

The iiED Proof of Concept Center is an advisory program that assists iiED clients in making a strong market entrance with their business or venture idea. To receive technical assistance, please fill out the online iiED Client Application Form.

Make sure to also send a copy of your resume to with "Proof of Concept Center" included in the subject line. Once the form is submitted and resume received, a representative of iiED will contact you in a few working days.